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Chris Moyles Merch

Chris Moyles Candle by Molecule

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We're incredibly proud to have this distinctive and individual home fragrance collection. The unisex fragrance gives off an indulgent powdery scent with top notes of amber, moss and tonka bean and base notes of lavender and cinnamon to give a delicious sweet edge.  

“What started as a joke on my radio show, has resulted in a gorgeous product that I’m very proud of. Molecule has really helped me to create not only a great looking candle (I love the crackling wooden wick!) but also a scent that is subtle yet individually distinctive without being over powering. I know you will love the Chris Moyles candle as much as I do!” - CHRIS MOYLES

50 hour burn time. Slow burning candle featuring a crackling wooden wick.  Stylishly packaged in a matching matt black candle box. Optional gift box available with ribbon and gift tag.

Wooden wick care: Tilt your candle slightly, light the wick and allow the flame to flow naturally across the wick. On first burn keep alight for 3 to 4 hours or until the molten wax reaches the edges of the jar, this will prevent the wax from tunnelling (leaving wax on the sides of the jar).  Prior to re-lighting, gently knock off the blackened tip of the wick with your finger tip to reveal a fresh wick surface.  As wooden wicks are a natural product, they sometimes need some encouragement to re-light, so tilt the candle and hold the flame over the wick until it has a solid flame.  

Candle Burn Time: 50 hours approximately.  Burn times are approximate and based on burning times and wick care.  Refer to candle care guide for optimal performance. Net weight: 220 grams.


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